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Ruredil Group has been operating for more than 55 years in Italy and abroad, developing, producing and selling concrete admixtures, products for concrete and masonry repair and protection, special systems for the precast industry.


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Find out new products and new technologies, CE certificates and CE references for each product.

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FISIS – Earthquake-proof system for fixing panels

Fisis is a Ruredil patented system that allows to connect precast panels to the main structure allowing a certain relative displacements between them and avoiding potential collapse/detachment effects due to the seismic actions on the structure/panels.

A video is available showing how the system works.



This technical notebook aims to demonstrate that Ruredil X Mesh C10 and Ruredil X Mesh Gold  composites may be used with effectiveness for seismic retrofitting of existing buildings (masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete) increasing their structural ductility.

Following CNR DT200-2004 and international design guidelines, this document takes a closer look at theoretical and design aspects, supported by a range of examples in application, of key projects for seismic retrofit of existing buildings, such as shear reinforcement of pillars, confinement, partition walls, etc.

A very important tool for engineers and architects that are facing structural retrofitting of buildings, concrete and masonry structures in seismic area.

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Calculation and Design Manual for buildings structural retrofitting with RUREDIL X MESH GOLD and RUREDIL X MESH C10 technologies, the new FRCM-Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Matrix composite.

The manual allows designers to see with design cases and examples how to calculate and design with Ruredil X Mesh composites (FRCM), and describes technical behaviour of this technology against temperature, humidity and fire, conditions that have a very negative impact against traditional FRP’s because of epoxy resins limits.
The aim of this document is to enlarge/increase design knowledge with a innovative structural design technology in the fields of structural and seismic retrofitting, taking into account in any case that our technical department will be always ready to support designers, contractors, appliers, etc. in approaching new projects.

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KONNEKTOR – System for precast sandwich panels
Konnektor is a Ruredil patented system allowing construction of pre-cast sandwich panels. This system connects the front and the load bearing layers by means of special mechanical devices, allowing the free expanding of the front layer without limitations in panels size.
A software is available for calculating the number of special devices to be used depending on insulation thickness and panel size, giving also the thermal transmittance coefficient of the panel.

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LEVOSTAB 99 – Pavings Natural Stabiliser

The most advanced solution for soil stabiliser, economical, ecological, environmental compatible, Levostab 99 improves physical and mechanical properties of the soil, stabilises properties of the mix with passing of the time, increases soil service life due to its durability.

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